The Great Hall at Farnham Castle, c 1865, where
there is a portrait of Bishop Charles Sumner. The
seats against the walls bear the Sumner coat of arms.

Family Reunion

The Heywood descendants of Ella; the Etheridge descendants of Ada; the Durst descendants of Edith and the Gibson descendants of Arthur, Edgar and Water were all invited to attend the Gibson reunion at Farnham Castle, on Sunday, 27th June 2004, from 12 noon to 7.00pm.

The reunion was a very informal party, welcoming every family member, whatever age, and will include a buffet lunch, afternoon entertainments, tea, and evening entertainment.

Family members who have entertainment skills to offer in music, drama, historical re-enactment, or anything else, will be very welcome to perform.

Farnham Castle, formerly the residence of the Bishopís of Winchester, was the home from which Louisanna Sumner was married in 1837.

On the death of rev William Gibson, rector of Fawley, Hampshire, in 1862, Louisanna and her family moved to Culverlands, a house in Farnham, to be close to her father.

Tour of houses and churches in Farnham.

On the afternoon of Saturday, 26th June, there will be a informal historical tour of sites associated with William Gibson and Louisanna Sumner, including Farnham Church, where they were married; Culverlands House, where Louisanna lived for twelve years, and Hale Church, built by Bishop Charles Sumner, where he and his wife, Jennie Fanny Barnabine Maunoir, are buried.

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