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"When we returned to Blackwater we found the house pretty well free from workmen. The enlargement had been well done, and it was now very comfortable. The next thing was to make the garden. The kitchen garden was a very bad one in a bad situation. I took in a piece of the field and built a wall round two sides, threw up a bank on the third side, and put a paling on the fourth, where there was already a belt of trees.

"The old kitchen garden which was full of apple trees was converted into an orchard. A holly hedge which separated the lawn from the field was transplanted to the kitchen garden, and a sunk fence made in its pace, letting in a very pretty view to the garden.

"The improvement was immense, but for some years the work of transformation went on… In the end the house has become a very comfortable country house."

Rosa Gibson (Walford) Oliver Walford
Rosa Gibson and Oliver Walford were married in 1878

Marriage of Rosa

1878: "The next event of importance was the marriage of my daughter Rosa to Oliver Walford, a great friend of my son Edgar’s. He had been curate at Haslemere for a couple of years, and this had caused us to see him not infrequently.

"On the 11th September 1878 they were married… The wedding was a very pretty and cheerful one, the breakfast being in a tent in the field. The day was beautiful and we were able to be out a great deal, having tea in the garden, and we ended the day with a little dance. This was the last wedding of my daughters."

Arthur Gibson Mary Hesketh
Arthur Gibson married Mary Hesketh in 1884

Arthur and Mary’s children, c 1891
Arthur and Mary’s children, c 1891;
from the left: Monica, b 1890; Hugh, b 1884
and Percy, b 1886.
Julia Gibson nee Olivier Walter Gibson
Walter Gibson married Julia Olivier in 1884

Walter and Julia’s children
enlargeWalter and Julia’s children, c 1895

Marriages of Arthur and Walter

1884. "In 1884 two of my sons were marred, Arthur the eldest to Mary Hesketh, whose acquaintance he had made in Swinton, where she was living with her aunt, Mrs Lempriere; and Walter, my fourth son, to Julia Olivier, whom we had known from her childhood."

In 1886, "the attack which made me an invalid came on, and I thought that I too was to be taken but I have been mercifully spared, through God’s blessing on the kind and skilful nursing of my remaining unmarried daughter, and now in the year 1895 I am far stronger than I was in 1887.

"In Jan. 1893 my dear child Ada [Etheridge] had a sharp attack of Pneumonia and sank peacefully to rest after five days.

"And now I am coming to the end of my reminiscences.

Louisanna Gibson, c 1870
Louisanna Gibson, c 1870

"My eldest child Ella [Heywood] became a widow in 1895. She still lives in Moorfield. Her eldest son Arthur and her two daughters living with her. Her second surviving son Chris has married and has set up as a doctor in the neighbourhood of Swinton and is doing well. The next son, Geoff, is assistant master at a preparatory school at Twyford, and the youngest son Bernard is ordained and married and is curate at Bury.

"My daughter Ada’s three [Etheridge] sons are all out in the world. The eldest Leonard is Curate to his uncle Will Durst at Southampton, the second Godfrey is Classical Master in a boys High School at Wynberg in the Cape Colony, and the youngest Harold is Curate at Slough.

"None of my daughter Edith’s [Durst] children are yet settled. Two boys [Herbert and Alan] are at Marlborough, one daughter [Elizabeth] is studying drawing in London. The others are at home.

"My eldest son Arthur bought a small house in Binfield about 8 or 9 miles from us last year, and it is a great comfort to have him near us. His eldest boy [Hugh] is at school, the youngest [Percy] and his little girl [Monica] at home.

"Herbert now a Post Captain has the command of Thunderer, a three years’ appointment.

"My third son Edgar has the important post of Vicar of Leeds. His eldest son [William] is at Oxford, the three others [Kenneth, Ralf and Theodore] at School.

Alan Gibson Florence Gibson
Alan Gibson, b 1856, c 1885, and
Florence, 1853-1911, c 1873.

"Walter has a preparatory school at Headington near Oxford. My youngest son Alan is Coadjutor Bishop of Capetown.

"My youngest daughter Florence doing good work at home. Besides taking care of me, she has the oversight of a little cottage Home. Which she attends daily, and which in consequence of her skilful management is a great use to the little invalids who come there in succession.

"And here I end my recollections".

Louisanna Sumner, born in 1817; who married rev William Gibson in 1837, and had eleven children, died in 1899.