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Sumner Family Reunion

In 1864, the family of Bishop Charles Sumner gathered at Farnham Castle. Six of his seven children were present for the occasion and twenty five of his forty six grandchildren.

Bishop Charles Sumner had four sons. John, Charles and George, appeared in another photograph. Robert had died in 1858. Louisanna’s husband, William Gibson, had died in 1862.

Ella Gibson, c 1861
Sanders Etheridge, c 1867 and Ada Gibson, c 1861

Marriage of Ada.

1867: "The next event to be recorded is the engagement of my daughter Ada to one of the curates of Farnham, Sanders Etheridge. She was engaged in the autumn of 1866 and was married in April 1867. Ella and Harry came to the wedding bringing their three children with them."

William Durst
Edith Gibson and William Durst
were married in 1871
Edith Gibson
Photo of Gibsons, 1871 enlargeWedding party at Culverlands for the
marriage of Edith Gibson and
William Durst, 23rd August 1871.

The younger Durst children The younger Durst children, c 1892. From the
eft: Charles, b 1888; Ruth, b 1886;
Alan b 1883 and Herbert, b 1880

Marriage of Edith

1871: "In 1871 William Durst a friend of Sanders Etheridge’s proposed to Edith, and they were married in August of that year. He was Curate in charge at Crondall, a village about three miles from Farnham, and it was very nice to have them settled so near to us."

Hale Church
Hale Church was built by Bishop Charles Sumner.
He and his wife are buried outside the east end
of the church.

Death of Bishop Sumner.

1874: "It was later in that year that my father became more ill. I was with my daughter Ella who had been ill. I determined to start at once for Farnham… I therefore took the night train. There was a good comet visible at that time. I was alone in the carriage, and I watched this comet almost till the dawn of day made it fade away, my mind full of thoughts both of the child I had left and the father to whom I was going. I had a strong presentiment that I was going to see the end, and I was right. For in less than three weeks he passed away. All his children and a large number of grandchildren followed him to his grave in Hale churchyard, where he was laid by the side of my mother."

"I now made up my mind to leave Culverlands. After a long search and many disappointments. I heard of a house in Blackwater in the north of Hampshire, which though too small for my family, could be enlarged, and had many advantages I wished for."

Edgar Gibson Grace Philpott (Gibson)
Edgar Gibson and Grace Philpott were married in 1875

Edgar and Grace’s children
enlargeEdgar and Grace’s children, c 1887
The engagement of Herbert Gibson and Margaret Anderson, 1875.
enlargeThe engagement of Herbert Gibson and
Margaret Anderson, 1875.

Herbert Gibson Margaret Gibson
Herbert Gibson and Margaret Anderson were married in 1876.

Marriages of Herbert and Edgar.

1875. "Another event of that year 1875 was the engagement of my second son Herbert to Margaret, daughter of Mr and Mrs Anderson of Waverley Abbey, near Farnham. I have omitted to mention that a short time before that my third son Edgar had married Grace, eldest daughter of Mr Philpott, Rector of Chewton in the Mendip Hills. Edgar was Vice Principal of Wells Theological College and Chewton was only 5 miles from Wells."