Gibson uncles and aunts when they rowed down the Thames in 1885
enlargeGibson uncles and aunts when
they rowed down the Thames

Web Links

Farnham Council
This site provides a wealth of resources on tourism and history, including a section on Farnham Castle.
Farnham Castle
Now a conference and training venue, a virtual tour of the castle is hosted on this site.
CastleUK Net
This site has a page about the castle with a handy street map.
Castles of the UK
Includes pages dedicated to the castle and keep.
Information Britain
Has a well-designed page about Farnham Castle.
English Heritage
English Heritage now manages Farnham Keep and has an extensive database on this and many other related historical buildings.
Scotland's Island Experience
Founded by a descendant of Rev William Gibson, Ruari Halford-Macleod, Scotland's Island Experience offers exclusive and interesting tours with excellent accommodation for eight or nine people visiting Scotland and its islands